Toute la soudure : soudage, chauffe, coupage, brasage
Toute la soudure : soudage, chauffe, coupage, brasage

TLS is a french manufacturer of  gas welding equipment,  their accurate technical level permit them to propose a large range of high quality product.

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The double secruity’s device prevent from unwanted disconnection. The control of the clamping 

is easily ensured by a star scroll wheel. 


The thread is especially conceived to prevent dust and mud embedment

A male and a female components compose the device. 


The female one is equipped with an

automatic shut-off system that prevent gas’s leak while 2 components are disconnected.



COMPACT WELDER ROC 0 S.I is deigned with FBFA more compact than standard ones. 

Lighter (424,4g against 545g for the standard one) and handier with it new designed body and valves, it’s well balanced its fits perfectly for plumbers, frigorification works and installeurs. It’s removable rigid brass hose allows fixation of fixation of malleable annealed copper hozes.



This SET is intended to professionnal cooling and refrigiration applications. 

It is used to test or re-test refrigirating circuit and air cooling system. 

Equipped with a robust regulator up to 60 bars and a leak detector spray, it allows to check if the circuit’s junctions are well screwed, crimped or welded. 

Easy to carry thanks to the box, it’s the must-have tool!!


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